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How Fast Can I Build Business Credit?

Admin Manager - Monday, November 30, 2015

“How Fast Can I Build Business Credit?”


One of the reasons people absolutely love business credit is because that it can be built blazing fast. 

Just within days of starting the process, you can get business credit vendor net 30 day accounts right away. This credit is offered from companies who sell items you will need and use now, but they’ll extend you credit just because you own a business and request it.

 Your credit is reported to the reporting agencies within 30-90 days, once you use your new credit. Since you have a business credit profile and your score has been established, it`s time to get revolving accounts! Then you can start getting approved for revolving store credit cards with the retailers you’re currently using. 

Most of the retailers such as Dell, Apple and Walmart (as well as most others) issue business credit accounts that are linked to your EIN ( your company`s SSN) instead of your SSN. Within 4-6 months after starting the process you can start to secure cash credit including, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover credit you can use anywhere.

 And Click here and fill out the “Business Credit Consultation” form, in order to get your free consultation, or don’t hesitate to call us: 409.719.0800!


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